Catching the Sun

sunny forest in Bavaria near Lech River, beech leaves, golden brown, sun light, sun rays

In this year’s exceptionally mild November I’ve had a lot of chances to catch the last rays of fall sunshine.

Because the sun was already very low in the afternoons, the light was very special. It was bright but no longer as powerful as in the summer: warmer and less dazzling.

I love the color of the beeches’ fall leaves, a very heartwarming golden brown.

I hope I can save this warm golden light in my soul until next spring. 😎

5 thoughts on “Catching the Sun

  1. One remarkable capture this is indeed. Very lovely 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I tried it for weeks and had a lot pictures to delete! This one was one of my latest and shows the sunlight and the colors how they appear in real. 😎

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  2. Lovely hue! Golden copper feel.

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    1. Thank you, that day I was lucky with the light!

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