Dreams Come True

She was reluctant. The underground parking garage was only dimly lit. Gloom and bleakness locked her in. Bleakness, sadness – and resignation. 

It wasn’t far from here to the family court. She was afraid of the appointment.

What if she wouldn’t appear there today; wouldn’t have to shake hands with him; wouldn’t have to look into his eyes?

She wouldn’t have to sit two meters away from him, her lawyer as a shield between them. She wouldn’t have to listen to his lies about her. She wouldn’t have to be afraid that the judge would believe him.

She was worried about the kids. Would she be back punctually this time? Would she manage not to cry?

With a deep sigh she got out of her car. She felt cold. Arriving at the staircase leading up, the glaring sunlight made her squint. She slowly climbed the stairs with her eyes closed. 

The light became brighter and – somehow stronger. She could see tiny glittering stars; they danced around her and completely surrounded her. Her heart opened gently – and she let these tiny stars of light flow into it. The woman continued to ascend. Arriving at the top, she paused and she could see that this magical shower of light had a diameter of about two meters and enveloped her warmly.

Wacky Weekend Challenge – Shower

Featured Image: stocksnap.io

3 thoughts on “Dreams Come True

  1. Lovely description here! 🙂
    Great take on the challenge! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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