Where Is Your Place?

I enjoy that silent hour every morning before my kids get up. It is a special silence: I can feel the bustle of the forthcoming day, but when I’m listening, everything is still quiet.

It’s a bit paradoxical – just because I know that this time is limited I can enjoy it, and probably the limit forces me to be in the moment. 

I need a bit time for thinking my very own musings, I get up at least an hour earlier than my kids, preparing the breakfast, doing my gymnastics and letting my thoughts flow.

Afterwards, I look forward to the lively chatter and the many thoughts and ideas of my children. Although I am often very busy or tired because of the amount of work I have to do for our little family I love it to spend time with my kids. I have to admit there were times where I would have liked to cry with exhaustion and I just wished I finally had time for myself just for sleeping. Now they are already very independent in many things, and I know there will come a time when they won’t need me anymore. They are going to go their own ways, and I would like to use these years to give them as much as I can.

For me, the most important thing is to give them my caring, my interest, my knowledge and – my honesty. I never say: „You are doing great“, when I think: „He is not doing this well.“ I never promise playing with them when the game bores me. I want us to have fun together. I always look for games or movies that all three of us like. 

Have you ever watched „ALF“? We love him! We love him because of his refreshing view of daily life problems and his stunning honesty. There is this one episode where Alf had to stay alone at home and was arrested in the bedroom of Willie and Kate. Willie brought him a jigsaw puzzle to keep him busy, and Alf instantly tried to eat it. „No!“, Willie called, „don’t eat it!“ – „Why not?!“, asked Alf, „It’s broken!“ – „You have to put it together“, Willie explained. – „Why should I do that?“, Alf replied, „I didn’t break it!“ 

We didn’t broke it, too. We bought it broken, haha! So we could spend a lot of puzzling time together. We sat on the floor and deliberated how to set each piece in its right place. We enjoyed working as a team, and while puzzling we reflected about the fact that no piece is more important than another one. All of them are needed to create the whole picture. If only one is missing the picture isn’t complete. All pieces belong together, and every piece has to fill its right place. 

My boys knew right away that we were talking about life.

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