Super Heroes


The new school year is running, and we have a new task allocation at home now.

Since my sons are more aware of their bodies we often talk about sports and healthy eating. I’m always cooking with fresh products from the organic grocery, so my sons don’t like fast food. 

„Mama, that tastes really terrible!“, my thirteen-year-old said after a friend’s invitation at a famous burger chain. (in German: Fastfood-Kette … it was „Burger King“) „And now I am still hungry!“

I know, a fresh handmade burger can taste delicious, and I really like freshly made meat a few times a year, but industrial and frozen food is like eating a cardpaper box, isn’t it?
Unfortunately, most restaurants in Germany meanwhile cook with frozen vegetables and semi-finished products and they are very expensive after all.

So the family council held a meeting and we decided to invest money in some excellent kitchen tools instead. We ordered two additional Japanese cooking knives and a new ceramic sharpening stone for them. Of course, we bought some bamboo cutting boards too, and when the package arrived my sons were thrilled just as they usually are on their birthdays!

Okay, so our family cooking studio was opened. However, simultaneously cutting and cooking, showing and explaining all steps to two curious kids takes more time than cooking alone. So we had to split our tasks, because we want to watch our favorite TV show every evening. 

Watching a movie or a TV show together is our newest bedtime ritual, because my kids don’t want to listen to me reading them their previous bedtime tales. I don’t mind – it was also a little bit boring for me after some years, but I loved to sit among my kids and cuddle together. The kids loved it too, and now we are cuddling on the sofa and watching TV shows about super heroes. 

Now it is quite relaxing for me to get up from the table and have a few minutes to myself while my boys are washing the dishes and the pots. Then they prepare our home cinema, which means they have to set up and connect my laptop, search for the right TV show on our streaming service, adjust the volume and finally arrange the sofa cushions for cuddling. I love it! ❤

The picture was taken by me as a screenshot some days ago.

6 thoughts on “Super Heroes

  1. What a nice story and lifestyle. I’m really happy for you! My husband and I are also concerned about natural cooking and cooking.

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad my boys are so open minded.

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    2. I noticed this in Germany – kids are more disciplined and home oriented.. somehow.

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  2. Oh, I meant natural cooking and eating 🙂

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