Encourage Each Other

Good morning dear friend,

I can personally relate to your struggle based on my own experience in learning a new language on Duolingo. In the beginning you make rapid progress, and you sprint through the lessons, but then comes a point where you ought to slow down and go back to review and reinforce the words and phrases you have learned thus far. The rapid progress is over, and that can be frustrating.

On the other hand Duolingo helps you to set your personal goals, and you should choose the same goal about 30 experience points as me. That’s takes only 10 minutes, and I’m sure you can do it too. My boys and I do that every morning after having breakfast. We get up very early, because I want us to avoid the need to rush around in the morning. So we still have 20 minutes for practicing Duolingo before leaving the house.  That’s easily enough time to score 30 experience points. 😀

The main problem with self-learning is always the self-discipline. There’s no teacher who is strict with you and asks you if you did your homework. That’s the same with sports. For three months now, I’ve been doing sports every morning before I wake up my kids, because my life is so chaotic at the moment, that I can’t exercise during the day. So I get up at 5:00 and do it for half an hour. That means I start the day with a little victory!

On my wall hangs a monthly calendar with large boxes for each day; there I enter my number for the exercises. My goal is to have a number in there every day. Only on Saturdays do I take a break. The calendar hangs right next to my door, so I can always see it. I’m very proud of my continuous row, which I don’t want to interrupt any more now. The calendar numbers are a very simple tool, but it works!

Why don’t I send you my calendar file so you can print it? Then for every day you have practiced German, you paint a smiley into it or something else to make you smile. You will see: when you have filled the first week, you’ll be more optimistic again that you will make it.

Many thanks for your suggestions, I „buy“ that! 😀 Now my writing sounds a bit better.
I know my English is still very simple, but I hope it will become improved soon.

Best wishes,

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