Help! I’m Not A Writer!

I started my blog not as a blog; I’d never envisioned myself as a blogger!

I needed a website for my business as a martial arts teacher. However, I did not understand enough English, and “WordPress” sounded  more like “WORLDpress”.

I feel that we are all citizens of this one world we share together and I wanted to be a part of this “world” community! That’s my dream:  that someday people will come to view it the same way I do.

Okay, here I am! But now, oh my goodness, I could not understand how to build a website. Most of the instructions were written in English, and the few German instructions that I could find confused me a lot, because the translation was off.

So I created a second site in order to experiment with WordPress without destroying my business site with every little tweak of the settings.

Nice idea, but it didn’t work! I had to create some content to decide if my customized changings would work. Help! I’m not a writer!

My next step was to go out and read a lot of other blogs and thus I got an idea what blogging means. For me, the greatest thing is to meet people all around the world and to learn a lot about others’ mindsets or life plans.

I love this community, its support and its positivity; it encourages me to write short posts in English, and so I want to give back some of this positivity through my contributions.

With Love,

Photo by 立志 牟 on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Help! I’m Not A Writer!

  1. Looking forward to more of your posts 🙂

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    1. Oh dear, this is very difficult right now. We have moved and I have a lot of work to do at the moment – my days are much too short! I hope I can make it even in August.

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    2. I totally understand. I hope the move is going smoothly

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    3. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of trouble. Then my 14-year-old broke his leg and after that my car broke down. Now our old bicycles have to be repaired. That’s a lot of stuff for a single mom! – As compensation we had a great Summer. We were swimming very often and enjoyed playing and reading in the sun. 😎

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    4. That is a lot of stuff. You are resilient indeed!

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    5. Yeah, we deserve a medal! 😀

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