What is Your Definition?

Attaining one’s inner peace.

This condition enables us to understand life, because we get a holistic view. In this way any and all questions about life and its sense and meaning slip out of our mind, and we live easily and straightforwardly. We feel us fearless and free.

Freedom is my definition of a life well lived.

What is your definition of a life well lived?

With Love,

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7 thoughts on “What is Your Definition?

  1. Good question. Freedom is powerful. What does that mean to you?


    1. Freedom is for me: to be free from fear. No fear of other people, no fear of the next day, no fear of change, no fear of the future. It’s not easy for me because I’ve experienced a lot of things that scared me. I don’t want to miss these experiences, but sometimes they block me and the fears are overwhelming.
      This is my goal in life: to achieve my inner peace, not matter what happens in my life.

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    2. That is the perfect definition. It is our fears that hold us back from living fully. Imagine the burden that would be lifted to have no fear. It would be a return to a younger age, a return to innocence 🙂

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    3. Yes, well said. We return to the innocence of our inner child, and I guess that’s the really reason of our life journey..

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  2. I believe a life well lived is one in which you both loved and were loved a lot!!

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    1. Yes, I think so too. That leads me back to the question of freedom. Do you know the saying: „True love lets the other one free to be this one he is in truth“?


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