Huge Profit

I know the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) very well: from my mother and my ex-husband. During my childhood I always felt it was me who was not alright. That was a difficult journey until I found myself. I assume my father had a narcissistic mother too, and that’s why he struggled with depression and tooked his own life when I was just two.

Later the father of my two younger children began showing signs of NPD, and first I thought the problem was with me again. It was a very hard time for me and my little babies. A divorce from a narcissist is like going trough hell. For six years I had to appear in court and I was always afraid of losing my children. Narcissists are great speakers and they want to gain the mastery absolutely. They fight their heart out! So I had a lot of emotional distress every day for all these years. I had to spend lot of money for lawyer and court fees. One can’t imagine that!

What a long and uncomfortable soul journey for each of us!
But now we are free and happy.
Me and my children learned a lot about ourselves, and so we got a huge treasure of experience. We are sure we are very tough and we do not need a lot of things to be a lucky, small family.
That makes us feel like getting a huge profit. 

❤ ❤ ❤

I wrote this as a comment on a factful article about the impact of narcissistic parents.

Featured Image by Jesse Bowser on Stocksnap

4 thoughts on “Huge Profit

  1. I am so sorry. There is a narcissist in my family, not close, but close enough to wreak havoc if allowed. It would be very hard to have one as a mother or spouse. You are a survivor.

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    1. Yes, they were hard times. For surviving it was essential to get to know myself. Maybe my inner goal was exactly that?

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