Strong Experience..

If you are struggling with fear or depression:
Just hang in there and try to let go of all things in your mind.
Keep breathing.
Feel it.
Feel all your emotions.
Keep breathing.
First for five minutes, then for an hour. 

Keep breathing.

You will survive.

You will REALIZE you survived.

With Love,

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2 thoughts on “Strong Experience..

  1. This is a very powerful message. We make choices about how we feel and how we interpret how we feel. Beginning with relaxation and the realization of survival is a good starting point in times of internal conflict 🙂

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    1. Yes, it is. But relaxation isn’t always there, especially when the emotions are intense. That’s why it is a good choice only to perceive our emotions and to concentrate on our breath. We don’t die from it, even if it often feels like it. “It is a feeling and I’m not gonna die from it!” That was a very important discovery for me.

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