The Entrance


My children are attending a Montessori school, and this was a performance of the elective course “impro theatre”.

I am very happy with this school, and my children are always getting a great support from their teachers for all of their projects. They are free to choose their topics in the different courses, and that leads to them learning more.

Currently we have a small competition at home: which of us scores the most points weekly while learning English on Duolingo, our favorite learning tool.

7 thoughts on “The Entrance

  1. Obwohl das Montessori System mehr als hundert Jahe alt ist, Ich glaube, dass Es in der Zukunft noch sehr relevant in dem Bildungssystem sein wird.

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    1. Yes, you are right. I can imagine that soon many more schools will work according to the Montessori principle because it encourages children to learn.

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    1. Thank you, I caught my middle son with this shot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the focus on my phone fast enough! 😀


    2. I thought you made a kind of a post processing to make it that way, which is so interesting, considering the subject… 🙂

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    3. Yes, I did. I wanted to bring out a little more theatrical vibe. I’m glad about the impression, thank you for your feedback! 😀

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