​Weekly Wisdom

I focus on what’s going well in my life.


Ich konzentriere mich auf das, was gut läuft in meinem Leben.

With Love

❤ How do you use a mantra?
It’s very simple. Repeat the mantra in a continuous loop whenever you want to replace negative thoughts about yourself or your life with positive ones. The continuous loop makes sure that you stop brooding, and so there’s just NO SPACE for negative thoughts anymore.
Just give it a try, I would be happy if it is as helpful to you as it is to me!

Featured image: Justyn Warner on Unsplash / Editing: Me

2 thoughts on “​Weekly Wisdom

  1. Now that’s a great mantra

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    1. Yes, it is very helpful. My children and I call it “Our Three Good Things”. When we feel bad we ask each other: hey, what have you done WELL today? Name me three good things! – It is a reminder changing our focus.

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