Far Far Away

There’s a big concrete field in front of my apartment building, and behind it too. Actually, I’m completely surrounded by concrete and tarmac.

But I live in the country, in a small village. I never thought I could be so far away from nature living in the countryside.
Everything is built-over. Or fenced.

This brave field poppy appeared at the end of May at the edge of the concrete parking lot, and every day I was afraid that the landlord would remove it immediately. He is a fanatic about cleanliness and hates it if leaves or flowers are lying in the yard.

So I hurried to photograph my little field poppy.

5 thoughts on “Far Far Away

  1. I do hope your poppies were allowed remain resident, Ilka 🙏


    1. They were allowed for their short period of flowering.

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  2. Small mercies.. I’m glad!


    1. I was very glad too! 😀

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