The Winds of Change


My youngest is a sorting master.

When he was younger, I had to regularly photograph his items, especially his sorted racing cars.

He began sorting things at the age of nine months, and he was always very quiet und could to that for about an hour or longer. I was often very touched to watch him do that; it seemed to me that he would meditate while producing his lines or circles.

This little boy was clearing his thoughts like an old master. He is still very focused in all his sorting activities, and now that he’s ten, the sorting items have changed. We often cook together and he loves to set up the table with sorted vegetables, fruits or cheese pieces.

Time passes, things change, children grow up – that are the winds of change.

9 thoughts on “The Winds of Change

  1. When I first looked at this, I chuckled. My little granddaughter, just yesterday was sorting the cars, but she brings them to life. They all have a name and a mother and father.

    That aside. I loved the tenderness you reflect in Winds of Change. Time does go by pretty quickly, and the kids grow and find THEIR way. I will forever cherish the gift of time…like you shared here. Donna

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    1. Thank you very much, Donna. Yes, the gift of time with children is precious, and I am glad that I can consciously enjoy it.

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  2. Still sorting after all of these years . . .

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  3. Yes, and me too! 😀
    I like sorted things. This is a special kind of beauty for me.


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