Is it Time for You?

Your mind navigates through control and effort. Your heart navigates through freedom and flow. Which method do you think holds the most potential, comfort, and ease for you? Is it time for you to finally let go of the old systems and habits that simply cannot get you where you wish to go?

Source: Shelley Young

Euer Verstand navigiert mittels Kontrolle und Anstrengung. Euer Herz navigiert mittels Freiheit und Strömung. Welche Methode birgt Eurer Meinung nach das größte Potenzial, den größten Komfort und die größte Leichtigkeit für Euch? Ist es an der Zeit für Euch, endlich die alten Systeme und Gewohnheiten loszulassen, die Euch schlicht nicht dorthin bringen können, wo Ihr hin möchtet?

Deutsch: Licht der Welten 

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2 thoughts on “Is it Time for You?

  1. This is thought provoking Ilka. I definitely navigate through my heart. Not sure that was always the case though. I think learning that takes time as well.


    1. Yes, I think so, too. For me, these thought are once again a good reminder; sometimes I forget to follow my heart. Most of us were grown with messages of control and effort, so a relearning will take time and now and then a little reminder.

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