Who is afraid…​


Who is afraid of the “machine”? No one! 😀

Last Autumn, I started to teach computer classes in elementary school for second to fourth graders.

For most of the kids, the computer was a mystery, a machine that scared them, because they didn’t understand how it worked, and they saw it as a big mysterious file eater, too. They were often shocked and then they shouted: “My file is gone, boo hoo!” 😯

I had to invest a lot of patience and constantly recite the steps how to store the fils until they kids realized that the “machine” only executes what the little boss commands it to do. And voilá, the machine spat out the missing files over and over again!

I encouraged them to try the different buttons and functions and to play with them.
“The computer will not detonate,” I always said. “Try this button and you will see.” 😉

The pictures below show what they designed in Word to introduce themselves and what they created for Mother’s Day; the featured picture has been created in Paint.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As time went by, the kids became more adventurous and during the last class, some of them even hacked an older computer game! That made me very happy; now I am sure that I have achieved my goal of enabling the kids to control the machine rather than they feel like the machine is the commander. 😎

2 thoughts on “Who is afraid…​

  1. I’ll bet our students and their parents love you. Motivating and gentle nudging, and fun.


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