Color Burst


I was amazed to find a wildflower meadow in an allotment garden near the school of my children.

Normally the allotment gardens, in Germany we say “Schrebergärten”, are very well-ordered and every millimetre fulfills a purpose.

You could say that Schrebergärten are a German phenomenon, and you can find them scattered all over the country.

To take this picture I hung over the fence like a thief, and I was a little afraid of getting caught. There is something you have to understand about the Germans: they can be very strict, especially when it comes to their property! 😀

So I struggled with the focus, because the wire mesh fence was very wobbly and it was a bit windy, too.

I love this color burst a lot, particularly because it only appears a few weeks a year.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ❤

6 thoughts on “Color Burst

  1. It’s lovely – well worth hanging over the fence for the picture!

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    1. Yes, indeed – therefore I still captured some other beauties there. Thank you!

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  2. Pictures of schrebergaerten bring back memories of when my wife first saw them. She mistook the garden sheds for poor people’s homes and puzzled over how poor people living in such small homes maintained those wonderful gardens.

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    1. Yes, for foreigners they seem like well-kept slums. In Russia there are similar gardens with tiny cottages called “Datscha”, and they have the same purpose: to grow vegetable, herbs and fruit for the own consumption.

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  3. very beautiful✨

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