Doubled Motivation


Three years ago the mother of a little child from my martial arts courses gave me the very first orchid I have ever owned. Her little boy was a bit wild and she was very grateful for my patience with him. That gift gave me a lot of courage and boosted my confidence as a martial arts instructor for kindergarteners!

But I was afraid it wouldn’t live long. For me, orchids are delicate plants from another world. I never thought about how low-maintenance and tough they are. Only because I remembered its meaning of positivity for me did I keep it, even when it was faded. What a great surprise a few months later when my beloved orchid bloomed again! I haven’t done much and I think that’s a good thing.

The color of my little fighter is pink, and just when I wished I had some kind of twin for it, I saw a wonderful white orchid blossoming at my local supermarket. I just had to take it with me, and now I hope my courage and confidence will double.

Appearance for the newest member of my window sill garden! 😀

3 thoughts on “Doubled Motivation

  1. Hi IIka, thanks for visiting my blog and especially your great comment on my post “starry nites”. I do value your feedback based on the wonderful work I see on your site. Unfortunately, in trying to respond from my iphone, I somehow deleted your comment, never to be recovered. I just wanedt you to know in case you wonder why it is gone. Keep up the great work. Bob (gizmoshoot)

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    1. No, worries. I wrote it again. 😀
      Thank you for your encouraging feedback!


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