Mediaeval Character

Mediaeval Character-1

Mediaeval Character-2

Mediaeval Character-3

My little hometown has a great history and you can find in its center a lot of mediaeval buildings.
Landsberg am Lech was an important stop along an old salt trade route, and it gained the rights and privileges of a chartered town as early as the 13th century.
Nowadays we no longer trade in salt, but rather with travellers. 😀 The majority of them want to visit the charming towns and castles along the Romantic Road which connected the center of Germany with the south in the Middle Ages.
In the last twenty years most of the historical homes and salt storehouses have been restored and their colors are regularly repainted. The streets and squares are very clean and that’s why some tourists – especially those from East Asia – often think of our town as an awesome film set.
Once in a while I miss a little bit the character of an authentic old town in our perfectly restored film set.
I prefer buildings that show us the connection between past and present.
In the pictures above you can see a glass roof supported with steel connecting a modern public utilities building and this old agricultural building. Whenever I drive past this architectural group I am filled with joy about these cautious renovations. For me it makes sense to show historical buildings without any colors, so we can better focus on the wealth of its architectural details.

Hauptplatz Schoener Turm Landsberg-1.jpg
The historic old town / Source: Wikipedia
Bayertor Landsberg-4.jpg
Bayertor, the gate to Munich / Source: Wikipedia

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