Bullying at School

Sometimes I’d like to go home to the parents of those bullying kids and to ask them, what the hell … !

But I think a better way is to encourage our kids to be the best version of themselves.

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6 thoughts on “Bullying at School

  1. Good points. On the side of those being bullied, they need to learn to stand up, which parents can share. Discussions, role playing, sports, and self-defense classes can all help.

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    1. Yes, you’re right! I am a martial arts instructor for children and I know that issue very well. I teach the kids to say STOP! whenever someone crosses their personal line.

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  2. Nice. What happens if they say, “Stop,” and the person doesn’t?

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    1. Then the kids learn an important life lesson: sometimes it can be a challenge to stand by one’s own self. I want to teach them that they never should give up, that they can get help, that they can practice self-defense, that self-defense starts with mindfulness for one’s own limits. Finally, I want to teach them what actually happened, that they understand why the other person did that.

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    2. You’re a good role model.

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