Analyzing: these are only detours and runaways of the mind. No one lets the complete recipe be put under the plate every time in the restaurant, do you?

The secret is: just feel the respective emotion consciously. No analysis, no talking about it, no one. No more running away. Consciously let yourself fall into this state.
And: Breathe.
If you just focus on your breath, it gets really quiet. And the “space” is rising. And then you just KNOW that your emotions have been “ordered” by you. Just to FEEL them.

panda-noodles_640Just as we order something in the restaurant that we have never eaten before and would like to try it out. I am a curious person and when I stand in front of a buffet, I always take something from EVERYTHING, because I want to try EVERYTHING!

Do you understand?

Lots of Love,

Featured Image and Graphic on Pixabay

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