Playground Challenge


An itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny caterpillar on the huge playground at my primary school is wandering among a lot of wild childrens.

It’s really unlikely: that it will reach the lonely tree there before it is smooshed. It has come to my attention about this bright and luminous neon green. I never saw such a caterpillar before.

Maybe it was an alien? 😀

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12 thoughts on “Playground Challenge

  1. What a find! Never seen something so colourful in the urban area


  2. What a wonderful looking creature! Great shot!


    1. Thank you! I was so happy that I discovered it and got out my phone so fast, because childrens had always running around and I had to watch them.

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  3. Hehe, beautiful. I understand the need to preserve it

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  4. Alien beings are kind of taboo!


    1. What do you mean by this? I do not understand your comment, sorry.


    2. Forgive me for seeming rude–I had never thought that a caterpillar might be taken for an alien. I should not have implied I was giving you attitude. I would have been better representing what I thought if I responded with kinder language. A poor intrusion, I regret.


    3. No worries. I asked for the meaning of your response because my first language is German. So I am sometimes not sure if I had understand the correct meaning.

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  5. What a beautiful creature…

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    1. Yes, wonderful and amazing.


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